PARAGON® 3000 #2

Today’s fast pace world demands greater and greater performance and protection from its lubricants. Known as a leader in the Specialty Lubricants Industry, Texas Refinery Corp. has developed a one of a kind grease. Indeed, a new generation grease providing the new Millennium the ultimate in equipment protection and cost efficiency. There truly is no other grease like this in both quality and performance. So unique, PARAGON® 3000 is available only from Texas Refinery Corp. A new generation grease, PARAGON® 3000 has several very interesting characteristics. Unique additives and precision blending empower this grease to provide outstanding protection from wear, water and temperature. Its exceptionally long service life makes it a superior performance investment.

  • DROPPING POINT OF 332°C (630°F)
  • .33 mm 4 BALL WEAR TEST

  • Clear

PARAGON® 3000 #2

  • Outstanding
    Extreme Pressure Protection
  • Long Working
  • Highly Water
  • Handles Impact And Prevents Wear
  • Unique Grease For Many
    Different Applications
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range

Offers Outstanding
Extreme Pressure Protection

Paragon 3000 #2 offers tremendous anti-wear protection. Paragon 3000 passes a full 100 lb. Timken OK Load test. Equipment subjected to heavy load and shock loading function at peak efficiency. Unlike many High Timken Value greases, this product offers superior protection throughout the entire range of load. Often special greases manufactured to offer protection under incredibly high loads do not protect from wear when loads are more normal. Paragon 3000 offers exceptional anti-wear protection – – regardless of the load – – including a 100 lb. Timken OK Load.

A Very Stable Grease With A Long Working Life

Paragon 3000 #2 is an extremely stable grease. This is an indication of its long life in actual working conditions. Many multi-purpose greases change significantly in consistency when in actual operation, often thinning considerably or thickening. Paragon 3000 shows very little change in its worked penetration from the 60 round-trip strokes compared to the 10,000 round-trip strokes in a standard grease worker. Even more significant, Paragon 3000 changes little even in the 100,000 double stroke test. After 100,000 strokes Paragon 3000 changes from a penetration of 280 to 274 in its consistency. Most greases in the 100,000 double stroke test change considerably in their consistency. Some of them become too soft, allowing leakage away from the area where the grease is needed. Other greases become too hard, indicating they may not feed adequately into areas to be lubricated. Paragon 3000 is extraordinarily constant and stable, thus providing the ultimate in protection.


Handles Impact And Prevents Wear

Paragon 3000 #2 contains specially developed high impact resistant supplements. These supplements enable Paragon 3000 to resist severe and continuous impact. This characteristic enables this grease to prevent wear, ensure longer service life and provide a new dimension in down-time protection. Paragon 3000 resists squeezing out and thinning under severe loads, thereby preventing metal to metal contact. The adhesive and cohesive characteristics make this commercial grease suited for many demanding jobs. The adhesive characteristics also help develop a dust shield to prevent contaminates from getting into bearings.

Highly Water Resistant

Texas Refinery Corp.’s Paragon 3000 #2 is resistant to moisture. This grease can be used in areas where ordinary multi-purpose greases would simply be washed away. Paragon 3000 resists being washed off by water and, in fact, displaces water on metal surfaces, keeping those surfaces free from rusting, pitting and corrosion. Extreme pressure protection (100 lb. Timken OK Load), is retained even in the presence of 20% water. This is remarkable for any lubricant – – but not for Paragon 3000. This extreme water resistance provides the answer to many current industrial equipment problems. One example where Paragon 3000 could be used is in paper mills where heat, water and extreme conditions are present. The more extreme the conditions, the greater Paragon 3000 performs.

A Unique Grease For Many
Different Applications

Paragon 3000 #2 is the only multi-purpose grease made using a unique combination of thickeners and additives. Paragon 3000 is ideal for a wide range of applications covering heat, moisture, load, impact and stability questions. It is a true multi-purpose product.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Paragon 3000 #2 offers extreme temperature protection. Most greases have dropping points between 140°C and 200°C. Paragon 3000 has a dropping point of 332°C. Paragon 3000 offers protection at high temperatures when others can not. Paragon 3000 has an extra margin of safety for those hot spots. This commercial grease will not melt below 630 degrees F. Paragon 3000 is a special high temperature grease which does not cake-up in lines or bearings. Naturally, at temperatures above 230°C. to 300°C. you must lubricate more frequently.

Weight N/A

1 – Tube, 20kg Pail, 10 Pack, Case (50 Tubes)