100 Year Anniversary

100 Year Anniversary 1024 662 Texas Refinery Of Canada Limited

In order to appreciate the significance of Texas Refinery Corp’s 100th anniversary, I tried to imagine what my great-grandfather must have been thinking 100 years ago. The uncertainty of starting a business during a time when most new operations didn’t make it a year must have provided him with the incentive necessary to set his company apart from his competitors. In looking back at how difficult things must have been with the lack of transportation and technology advancement that we rely on so heavily. I’m certain his vision was to manufacture a quality product and provide excellent service. That remains our mission to this day.

TRC joins an exclusive club of 1,000 American companies that have survived for 100 years. This represents less than half of one percent of all businesses in the U.S. Most of these companies have 3 things in common…(1) they developed products that the public needed & wanted, (2) they produced and maintained a high quality product over the years and (3) they were family run businesses. Five generations of the Pate family have owned and operated Texas Refinery Corp. Stability and continuity with the same family is only one small reason why TRC has been successful over the years.

When people ask me how we have been able to remain relevant in a changing world, my response is always, “it starts with the relationships”. Our strength as a company comes from all the people we engage with every day. Starting with the millions of customers, tens of thousands of salespeople and thousands of employees over the years. It is because of them that we have not only endured but prospered when others have failed.

We will celebrate our rich history of the past century while imagining the endless possibilities the future holds for us. To have been in business for 100 years is a tremendous accomplishment. Everyone should take great pride in the contributions you have made towards allowing that possibility to be realized. Congratulations to Texas Refinery Corp and all our many partners throughout the years. The future looks bright because the past has been so spectacular.

Chris Pate