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From asphalt companies to cities and municipalities there is a need for good asphalt release agents. Asphalt release agents are designed to be sprayed on to the bed of truck boxes, roller tires, and tailgates prior to the introduction of hot mix asphalt (HMA). Without the addition of a release agent the asphalt will cool and stick in the bed of the truck greatly increasing the amount of weight being hauled. The same can be said of roller tires on asphalt working equipment. To perform and operate at optimal efficiency asphalt spreading equipment must be kept clean and not allow the buildup of dried asphalt.

Years ago, diesel fuel was the product of choice for this type of work, but it was deemed unsafe for use as a release agent over 20 years ago. However, you may still find some people who continue to use diesel fuel because of its availability. TRC Release is an environmentally sound, and very affordable option to harmful diesel fuel. TRC Release is safe to use on all equipment including, asphalt spreaders, rollers, and asphalt buggies. TRC Release dilutes with water and will not separate like many other release agents.

While developed for the asphalt industry, TRC Release has also proven to be an effective Concrete Form Release Agent. Concrete companies spend a great deal of money on their forms and must keep them in great condition. TRC Release applied to the forms prior to forming concrete allows for a smooth removal with minimal residue remaining. Another great benefit of TRC Release is it will not leave the messy oily residue on forms that is so common with form oil. With TRC Release clothing is not soaked in hard to remove, foul smelling, oil residue.

  • Eliminates asphalt buildup in truck boxes
  • Eliminates asphalt buildup on tail gates
  • Eliminates asphalt sticking to roller tires
  • Will not deteriorate roller tires
  • Can be used as an effective concrete release agent

  • Clear
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  • Safe to use on asphalt equipment (Asphalt Spreaders, Rollers, and Asphalt Buggies)
  • Dilutes with water
  • Can be used through all makes of dispensers
  • Will not separate when diluted
  • White indicator in product to make it easy to see application
  • Works on all types of asphalt and tar
  • Very affordable

If a good release agent is not utilized daily asphalt buildup occurs making it more difficult to release subsequent loads throughout the day. Eventually, payloads are severely reduced because of the excess buildup. This will lead to decreased volume per haul.

Historically, diesel fuel has been the product of choice to prevent asphalt from sticking to truck beds and equipment. However, most governments and municipalities have enacted strict regulations against the use of diesel fuel for this purpose. TRC Release offers a cost-effective alternative with added benefits of safety and affordability.

Weight 50 lbs

22 ltr Pail