TRC Release Extreme



TRC RELEASE is an environmentally sound product specially designed for the asphalt industry. This product was specially engineered to keep asphalt from sticking to truck boxes and rubber tire rollers. TRC Release offers a cost-effective product that when used will reduce time spent cleaning equipment. TRC Release is very effective on all types of asphalt and tar.

  • Same great attributes found in TRC Release.
  • Cold weather tolerant to -26°C (-15°F)
  • Eliminates asphalt buildup in truck boxes
  • Eliminates asphalt buildup on tail gates
  • Eliminates asphalt sticking to roller tires
  • Eliminates the use of diesel fuel
  • Will not deteriorate the tires on rollers

SKU: 108885-4055


  • Safe to use on all equipment
  • Dilutes with water
  • Cost effective
  • Can be used with all makes of dispensers
  • Will not separate when diluted
  • White indicator in product to make it easy to see when applied
Weight 50 lbs

22 ltr Pail