TIRESEAL For Off-Road Tires

The uses of TIRESEAL are as varied as the many different types of equipment to be found. From the largest of earth-moving equipment tires, to farm tractor tires and even golf cart tires, TIRESEAL is the answer. This product is not to be used in tires which are installed on vehicles utilized for over-the-road service at speeds exceeding 70 kph. Any product inside a tire could cause an imbalance problem at high speeds. Also, the sealing ability of TIRESEAL could be impaired by high speeds. Speed will create a centrifuge effect, which could hinder TIRESEAL’s sealing ability in a tire. TIRESEAL is not a cure-all. However, it has been thoroughly field tested for well over 50 years by satisfied Customers of Texas Refinery Corp. When used as a preventive maintenance product, TIRESEAL will allow equipment to perform more efficiently than ever before! TIRESEAL truly pays for itself by reducing downtime and keeping equipment operating.


  • Clear


  • Reduces Downtime
  • Safe And Easy To Use
  • Water Dispersible
  • Won’t Harm Tires And Rims
  • Contains Anti-Freeze
  • For Off-Road Tires

Reduces Downtime

For over 50 years, TIRESEAL has been helping to reduce up to 50% and more of all flats caused by punctures in the tread area and leaks in the rim or bead areas. This powerful claim is due to its exclusive formula of special fibers suspended in a complex liquid solution. TIRESEAL will provide your equipment with increased efficiency and less down-time.

Water Dispersible

Should a tire need to be dismounted, TIRESEAL can be easily and simply washed out of the tire with normal water. No special solvents or cleaners are required to completely remove TIRESEAL from the inside of a tire.

Safe For Tires and Rims

TIRESEAL is chemically inert. It contains no harmful petroleum solvents or other compounds that could attack or damage any part of the tire. TIRESEAL actually extends a tire’s life by absorbing the heat caused by friction in the tread area, holding the heat in its liquid solution and dispersing this heat to other parts of the tire. Our product helps rejuvenate the rubber in a tire, keeping it pliable, for a cooling effect extending the tire’s life. Tires can be completely destroyed when the rim welds itself to the tire due to rust and heat. Many hours can be spent trying to break the tire bead from the rim. With TIRESEAL, this problem is virtually eliminated and a great savings in repair costs is achieved. The liquid solution contains rust inhibitors, which help keep the rim from rusting and welding to the tire. Our product contains no ingredients that may pit or corrode metal rims.


User Friendly

Our tire sealant’s special formulation emits no annoying or dangerous fumes or vapors and is not harmful to the skin. It can be easily washed off skin and out of clothing. TIRESEAL is easy to install by rotating the tire to the point where the valve stem is between the ten o’clock and the two o’clock position. Remove the valve core and allow the air to escape. Pump in the appropriate amount of the product – then replace the valve core and inflate the tire to the proper pressure. TIRESEAL is ready to perform!

Reduces Costs & Increases Operating Profits

When used as a preventive maintenance product, TIRESEAL can help reduce the cost and inconvenience normally experienced when a flat occurs. Protecting equipment tires with our tire sealant allows the operator and equipment to keep on the job instead of sitting idle, waiting for a tire to be repaired . . . the cost of which can be extraordinary. By reducing operating costs TIRESEAL helps increase operating profits.

Contains Anti-Freeze

Extreme weather conditions do not affect TIRESEAL’s performance. The complex liquid solution contains a very effective anti-freeze, which has been specially designed to alter the formation of ice crystals in sub-freezing temperatures. Naturally, as the temperature drops, the viscosity of TIRESEAL will become heavier than usual. However, after the first few rolls of the tire, TIRESEAL returns to its normal consistency.

Protects Against Underinflating

TIRESEAL can remain in tires for an almost unlimited time. Unlike some tire sealants, it is not a “quick-fix” designed to simply get you down the road, then be washed out once the puncture is repaired. Our tire sealant stops leaks by actually forming a pliable plug, preventing the loss of air from the tire. There is no immediate need to have the flat fixed . . . as a matter of fact, you probably won’t even know a puncture occurred!


24 x 473ml Case, 1 x 473ml Bottle, 22 ltr Pail