There is a reason why more and more farmers refuse to spray pesticides and chemicals agricultural products without HYDRATE PLUS NF in the tank. In simple terms, it works. And it works WELL … better than any other surfactant or wetting agent on the market. It’s not only functional, it is multifunctional. HYDRATE PLUS NF can replace or eliminate the need for additives which farmers are accustomed to. Even the most resistant herbs are permeable when they are attacked by a herbicide mixed with HYDRATE PLUS NF. The result can be ascertained in only a few days. It is easy to see why all those who try it end up buying it.  There are four kinds of commonly used chemicals by farmers, landscapers and golf courses. The herbicides (killing unwanted plants), fertilizers (stimulant growth), insecticides / pesticides (insect control) and fungicides (eliminate fungi). HYDRATE PLUS NF can be mixed with each of these chemicals in order to improve function and increase efficiency, while minimizing losses caused by runoff, evaporation and rain.


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  • Uniquely Formulated Surfactant
  • For Use With Fertilizers, Herbicides, Water, Insecticides, and Fungicides
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly
  • Multi-Functional

Uniquely Formulated Surfactant

HYDRATE PLUS NF is a uniquely formulated surfactant. HYDRATE PLUS NF is a non- foaming wetting agent that drastically reduces surface tension of water and chemicals. This uniquely designed product is for today’s spraying systems. The non-foaming formulation reduces foam in the chemicals that HYDRATE PLUS NF is combined with eliminating in most cases the need for an additional defoamer to be added. By breaking surface tension, the bead of water/chemical is forced to break down, sheet, and penetrate quickly. This allows for a more potent application with less runoff and evaporation resulting in a more efficient treatment that lowers the cost of application.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

HYDRATE PLUS NF is a non-toxic biodegradable surfactant that is designed to be used on deciduous trees, edible crops, vegetation, and grasses. It contains a pH level in the range of 9-11.5. Due to HYDRATE PLUS NF being non-corrosive, it is safe on the applicator and the application equipment. Our surfactant is non-ionic. This means that it is not affected by the chemical bond between two oppositely charged ions. This is vital when dealing with certain chemicals where if their positive or negative charge changes, a chemical becomes ineffective. HYDRATE PLUS NF’s neutral charge ensures that chemicals and water will work in tandem to provide uniform application.

For Use With Fertilizers, Herbicides, Water, Insecticides, and Fungicides

HYDRATE PLUS NF eliminates potential headaches for farmers. It allows products such as pesticides that are naturally water resistant to bond and stay mixed thoroughly. Another challenge is application of chemicals on waxy leaf plants. Chemicals alone will not penetrate these type plants. HYDRATE PLUS NF allows the surface tension to break and the chemical applied to penetrate much more efficiently. Contact kill products, when mixed with HYDRATE PLUS NF, have a stronger, longer lasting kill. Chemicals or irrigation water mixed with surfactants are far more effective. HYDRATE PLUS NF can even be applied with the use of crop dusters. HYDRATE PLUS NF actually benefits spraying equipment by reducing salt and mineral deposits on spray nozzles; thus, helping to keep nozzles clean, clear, and spraying properly.


There are many other areas which can benefit tremendously from its performance. HYDRATE PLUS NF can be mixed with water and sprayed on dirt areas to reduce dust. It can be applied to asphalt directly during road destruction to prevent the asphalt from sticking to the teeth on the equipment. On golf courses, in addition to improving chemical/fertilizer applications, HYDRATE PLUS NF can be applied directly to water puddles on the course. This will break the surface tension allowing the water to be absorbed quicker into the ground. HYDRATE PLUS NF is a superior wetting agent that serves many functions, such as a penetrant, a dispersant, and a rinse aid.

Weight 55 lbs