Flexi-Film® Corrosion Protection is an ideal product to use to protect all types of metal surfaces from rust, corrosion and oxidation. The penetrating and coating action ensures moisture is displaced and further moisture intrusion prevented. Flexi-Film® will not dry up and flake off. Flexi-Film® will also provide lubrication to sliding surfaces preventing binding and squeaking. Metal surfaces of all types will rust, corrode or oxidize when exposed to environmental conditions, such as moisture, pollutants and even air, if not properly protected with some form of protective coating. In addition, moving metal parts will wear and possibly stop moving, if not lubricated.

  • Clear


  • Can be applied to moisture-laden surfaces
  • Product is not water-soluble
  • Results of the ASTM-117 test proves superior resistance to environmental elements
  • Results of the ASTM-117 test proves superior resistance to environmental elements
  • Prevents binding and squeaking

Extending Equipment Life

Between the melting snow, rain and varied temperatures across Canada the elements present significant problems to exposed metal. Anytime machinery and equipment are left exposed to the elements damage is possible if left unchecked. From automobiles and heavy equipment to garden tools metal is under attack from moisture and air constantly. They do not have to be left to age prematurely due to rust, corrosion and oxidation, instead expand the life of your metal surfaces with Flexi-Film rust inhibitor.

Apply sparingly to metal surfaces to give them a coating of protection that will not dry and flake and extend the life of the items that make everyday life much easier. Flexi-Film also provides lubrication to metal surfaces to prevent binding and squeaking. Stop Father Time and Mother Nature in their tracks by coating your metal surfaces with Flexi-Film.

Below are the results of the Salt Spray Test where panels coated with Flexi-Film corrosion inhibitor were exposed for 14 days to salt water per ASTM-117 test procedure at an independent testing lab. The results conclusively indicate that metal surfaces protected using Flexi-Film (use trademark symbol) provide superior resistance to environmental elements.

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1 x 340g Can, 12 x 340g Case